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Drum Heaters
We are able to manufacture belt drum heaters for any size of drums
Typical drum heater applications:
  • Maintaining viscosity for thick setting fluids
  • Maintaining stable temperature for temperature sensitive fluids
  • Frost protection (of tanks as well as drums)
  • Ideal for adhesives, mastics, resins, paints, grease and foods
Features of our drum heaters:
As well as providing a range of belt drum heaters for drum sizes ranging from 25ltr to 250ltr we manufacture bespoke designs to suit your exact requirements. All our drum heaters are manufactured using high quality cupro-nickel woven fibreglass matt laminated between silicone impregnated glass fibre cloth. Our belt drum heaters are easy to fit and remove using spring retainers and can be supplied with our without temperature controllers. The features of our belt drum heaters are as follows:
  • Manufactured to be durable for industrial environment
  • Resistant to fluids in common use
  • Electrical heating elements encapsulated to protect against moisture
  • Easy to fit
  • Manufactured in sizes to suit customer requirements
  • Supplied as a unit or installed on site to suit customers
  • Optional thermostatic control
Specification · drum heaters
Operating Voltage 110V-240V please specify
Drum Sizes Standard drums in the range 25ltr - 250ltr or made to suit
Belt width Made to suit customer, standard width is 200mm
Lead length Made to suit customer, standard length 2m
Maximum Operating Temperature 150oC