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Trace Heating
One of the main applications for trace heating is to maintain specific temperatures of pipes or vessels by providing surface heating. It is usually provided in conjunction with insulation to minimise heat loss. Trace heating can also be used to provide electrical heating to areas that benefit from additional heating, for example underfloor heating for comfort and heating of roads and pathways. We can provide trace heating on a supply only basis or alternatively offer a full installation service.

Typical trace heating · surface heating applications:

  • Maintain temperatures of hot liquid service pipes e.g. viscous fluid transfer
  • Frost prevention of service pipes, agricultural water supplies, fire hose mains and sprinklers
  • Surface heating of buried pipes
  • Snow and ice protection of paths, driveways and staircases
  • Underfloor heating
Features of our trace heating

We are able to manufacture, supply and fit regulated and unregulated trace heating for virtually any application. All our trace heating can support a wide range of industrial electrical supplies. The materials used are selected for ease of installation and long life.

  • Flexible trace heating cables
  • Supports a wide range of voltages
  • Installation service available
  • Open loop or self regulating trace heating available
  • Thermostatic control results in energy efficiency
Specification · Trace Heating · Surface Heating
Operating Voltage Standard Voltages 12V-415V other voltages upon request
Materials Primary insulation typically PTFE or Silicon. Various secondary insulation materials available to suit environment.
Max Length Virtually unlimited
Maximum Operating Temperature Typically 250 oC also available up to 1000 oC