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Flange Heating
In any process involving the transfer of liquids, at a constant temperature, over large distances, heat loss is a major problem. The heat loss around flanges can be particularly problematic which is why flange heating is important.

Flexible Heated Hoses have a range of flange heating solutions ranging from the use of surface heating elements to custom made heated jackets or id required the combination of both solutions.

Typical flange heating applications
Anywhere where flanges are used in the transfer of fluids and temperature stability / frost protection is required
Features of our flange heating
All our flange heating solutions are specifically designed to suit customer requirements. We are able to design, manufacture and supply or we can provide an installation service.

To discuss your requirement simply send us an email, on sales@flexible-heated-hoses.co.uk complete our online enquiry form or call us on 0121 2502525