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Flexible Heated Hoses
Wherever you need to maintain the viscosity of thick setting fluids, stable temperatures or frost protection, Flexible Heated Hoses have the answer. We stock a complete range of products to suit a wide variety of commercial and industrial requirements:
Heated Hoses:
A wide range of bespoke heated hoses manufactured and installed for applications that transfer heated fluids such as bitumen, wax, hot melt adhesives etc.
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Drum Heaters:
We can supply drum heaters in a range of designs from simple belt heaters to heated cases.
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Heated Jackets:
Made to measure heated jackets ideal for complex shapes that require heating such as process equipment..
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Control Panels:
We can supply a range of temperature controllers and construct bespoke control panels to suit your environmental needs.
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Flange Heaters:
To ensure process pipework maintains a stable temperature. Our flange heating compensated for heat loss around flanges.
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Heated Mats:
Our heated mats are ideal for relatively flat irregular shape surfaces for example machine hoppers.
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Surface Heating / Trace Heating:
We are able to design and install surface heating systems constructed with the highest quality trace heating elements.
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