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Heater Control Panels
We can supply a range of control panels to provide accurate temperature control for all our surface heating elements. All our control panels use state of the art electronic temperature controllers manufactured bye leading suppliers.

Our control panels enable precise temperature control, thus ensuring the exact temperature you require can be achieved. In addition they save you money bye ensuring you provide no more heat than is necessary. All our control panels are manufactured to suit individual customer requirements. We can provide the sealing necessary to suit your environment and where necessary intrinsic safety protection can be provided.
Features of our control pnnels:
  • Made to suit customers exact requirements
  • Abaiilable to suit all industry standard voltages
  • Sealing available up to IP65 + intrinsic safety where required
  • Energy saving
Typical heater control panel applications:
Our heater control panels are suitable for any application where precise temperature control is required and/ or the customer wishes to save energy.