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Heated Jackets
We manufacture quality bespoke insulated jackets and heated jackets to suit virtually any shape or size.
Typical heated jacket applications:
  • heating of high viscosity fluids to improve flow rate during packaging
  • heating of valves in process pipework
  • heating drums and barrels
  • frost protection
  • heating machinery to improve start up times
  • injection moulding barrel heating 
Features of our heated jackets :
All our heated jackets are made specifically to customers requirements. We offer a complete design service and work with customers to ensure that our heated jackets can be easily installed and removed for maintenance. Where necessary we create modular jackets for complex assembly installations.We can supply a range of materials to suit specific applications. The features of our heated jackets are as follows:
  • Our bespoke jackets fit virtually any product
  • Complex products can be handled with modular designs
  • We offer a range of materials to suit specific environments
  • We can supply for self installation or offer a full installation service
  • Integral or separate heating controls are available
  • esigned for a wide range of environments and long life.
Specification · heated jackets
Operating Voltage 110V-240V please specify
Materials fibreglass woven
Lead length Made to suit customer, standard length 2m
Maximum Operating Temperature 150oC