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Heated Mats
All our heated mats are made our of flexible silicone rubber and designed for temperature maintenance in the process industry. They can be designed to virtually any pattern, are light weight and highly flexible; which means they can be designed to fit vessels and products that are complex in shape and size. They are available in a wide range of supply voltages and power densities, and can be provided with or withour temperature regulation.
Features of our heated mats:
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Available for a wide range of industry standard voltages (AC or DC)
  • Available in a range of power densitines
  • Waterproof construction suits indoor or outdoor use
  • Can be suppied with or without temperature regulation
  • Flat profile maintains good heat contact with the product being heate
  • Can be permanently bonded to products or fitted temporarily
Operating Voltage: Any industry standard voltage typically 12V to DC to 440V AC
Materials: Silicon Rubber
Lead Leanth: Any length required
Maximum Operating Temperature: -40°C to+ 180°C0c
Typical Heated mat applications
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical proces industry
  • Heating hoppers
  • Propagators and incubators
  • Anti-icing and d-icing
  • Storage tanks and vessels, particularly irregular shapes
  • De-humidification of motors.